When do I get my first Cult Box?

Following signing up as a new Wine Cult member, you will immediately be charged and receive your first Wine Cult box in the next 24 hours. Once loaded into your account, you will receive an email letting you know that your box is ready for pickup.

I picked up my Cult Box, and only received two bottles of wine. Why? 

Colorado law limits our program and restaurant from allowing more than two bottles of wine to go. Due to this law, you will receive two separate boxes each season; a total of four bottles of wine.

When do I pick up subsequent Cult Boxes?

You will receive an email from Postino Wine Cult when it is time to pick up both of your quarterly Cult Boxes. The first box of the seasonal release occurs in January, April, July, and October; the second box is made available the following month. Once available, boxes will be available through the last day of the quarter.

Where do I pick up my Cult Box? 

Cult Boxes must be picked up at Your Postino (your home store). Your Postino is notated in your Wine Cult membership account. You can update or change Your Postino when signed into your account or by contacting [email protected].

How do I get my Cult Box?

You will need to pick up your Cult Box from Your Postino. When picking up, members will need to provide their first and last name, phone number, email address, and/or member number to a Postino team member and redeem their Cult Box.

What if I can’t pick up my seasonal drop(s) within the pickup window?

If you know in advance that you can’t pick up your Cult Box(es) within the given time frame, please contact the Wine Cult team as soon as possible at [email protected].

Can I get my Cult Boxes shipped to me?

Right now, we are not able to ship wine but we’re working on that!

What happens if stock runs out before picking up my Cult Box(es)?

We do our best to ensure that each Postino WineCafe has enough Cult Boxes for all members; however, as new members are joining all the time, we may run out of Cult Boxes before the end of the quarter pick-up window. Our teams will let you know once they have boxes back in stock; if you're unable to get your box, please contact us at [email protected]

What if I miss my opportunity to pick up my Cult Box(es)?

If you do not pick up your seasonal drop(s) before the end of the pick-up window, we are here to help you. While wine may not be available, we are happy to provide you with other opportunities to enjoy Postino at our restaurants or at your home. Please contact the Wine Cult team at [email protected] so that we can assist you.