Updated: February 9, 2024

What is the Postino Wine Cult?

Postino Wine Cult is a quarterly wine subscription created by Postino WineCafe that provides its members with four trusted, delicious wines each quarter (“Cult Box”) in addition to select Member Perks only available to Wine Cult members that can be redeemed at any Postino WineCafe location.

How do I sign up for a membership? 

Whether in-restaurant or online, prospective Wine Cult members need to complete a membership signup on postinowinecult.com. 

When do my Member Perks start?

Your perks start the day you sign up! On your enrollment date, you will be able to utilize your $50 at Postino and redeem your first Cult Box (if available). The next month (and every month after) you will receive your complimentary glass of wine from the Main Lineup. This can be redeemed at any Postino location.

When do my Member Perks expire?

If you cancel your membership, your perks expire at the end of the last quarter for which you have made payment. For example: (a) for quarterly members, if you sign up on Oct 27, your perks will expire Dec 31; for annual members, if you sign up on Oct 27, your perks will expire Dec 31 of the following year. Memberships will continue until canceled. 

Why do I need to select a “Your Postino” location?

When choosing a Postino location during sign up, you are choosing your home restaurant where you will pick up your Cult Boxes. Member Perks can be redeemed at any Postino location, except for Postino B-Side, unless otherwise specified.

I purchased a Postino Wine Cult membership online. How do I receive my perks?

Once you have joined the Postino Wine Cult, you will receive a confirmation email with your member number and instructions on how you redeem your $50 at Postino.

I signed up for Postino Wine Cult and did not receive my $50 at Postino. Why? 

All new members will receive their $50 at Postino within 24 hours of signing up. If you reactivate a previously canceled Wine Cult account, you will not receive another $50 at Postino. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to [email protected].

I have not received an email confirming my membership.

Please search for “Postino Wine Cult” and check your junk/spam folder for the confirmation email. Your confirmation email will have your Wine Cult membership information. If you are unable to find the email, please reach out to us at [email protected].

What are the ongoing “Member Perks”?

  • 20% Off of The Bottle Collection to-go
    • “The Bottle Collection” is an exclusive selection of wines available in our restaurants. Each restaurant has a unique selection. When purchasing a bottle from this collection, members will receive 20% off of each bottle. Once this perk is used, it replenishes the following day.
  • Monthly Hookup
    • Each month, Wine Cult members will receive a glass of wine from The Main Lineup as a part of their Wine Cult membership. This glass of wine is available starting the first day of the month and expires at the end of the month. 
    • Monthly hookups do not stack so make sure you enjoy them before they expire.
  • Exclusive access to small-batch wines
    • Through our partnerships, Wine Cult members will have exclusive access to small-batch wines. These opportunities will be communicated electronically when available.
  • Members-only perks in the Wine Cult app
    • After signing up, we recommend downloading our Wine Cult app on Apple or Android. Not only does this app allow you to receive communications, but it also allows you to secure members-only hookups from time to time.

How are members identified?

Members can be identified using one of five ways: first and last name, phone number, email address, or Wine Cult member number.

The fifth way to identify yourself at Postino restaurant as a Wine Cult member is to download the Wine Cult app, sign into your account, and then use the "Member Check-In Code" within your app. This shortened number allows our team members to easily find your account within our system.

When I tried registering, it said I already had a Postino Wine Cult account.

If you receive this message, it may mean your email address or phone number was used for a Postino Wine Cult account in the past. Please reach out to us for further assistance at [email protected].

Where can i find the Postino Wine Cult terms and conditions?

You can find our up-to-date terms and conditions by clicking here.